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Ensuring Top of the Line Products and Services

At Body Treasures, we believe in providing our customers with guaranteed quality they can count on. We use a combination of soft wax and hard wax ensuring we have the right product for each service. Each wax serves a different purpose in removing the hair. Our Trained Team of professionals will use what they feel is best to complete each service correctly, followed by the proper after care.

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About Us

Bringing "CITY WAXING" to Newtown Square


Founded by Gina Gonzalez, Body Treasures is the industry-leading Waxing Service Salon in Newtown  Square (Only Location). Gina wanted to guarantee quality in all of the  products and services provided by Body Treasures. She was driven by her long withstanding commitment to servicing customers needs, and took it upon herself to build a company . Not only do Body Treasures use the finest of all wax, We also use quality organic skin care products, ensuring nothing but the finest for our clients!  Stop by today and get the personalized attention you deserve! 

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